Sarah Goodwin, PhD

Executive Director

Sarah Goodwin is the Executive Director of the Science Communication Lab, where she has worked with hundreds of scientists from around the world to produce videos, short films, and feature documentaries to demystify the nature of science and illuminate the many personalities and backgrounds of scientists. Under Goodwin’s leadership, the SCL has grown into a multi-faceted collaboration between scientists, filmmakers, educators, and researchers. Goodwin was a Producer and the lead science advisor on the SCL’s Emmy-nominated and award-winning documentary, Human Nature. In 2023, Goodwin received a top award from the National Academies Eric and Wendy Schmidt Awards for Excellence in Science Communications.


An Evolving Need for Trusted Information

Howell, E. L., Krause, N. M., Cheney, I., Kirschner, E., & Goodwin, S. S. (2024, February 27). An evolving need for trusted information. Issues in Science and Technology.

Training the next generation of physician-scientists: a cohort-based program for MD-only residents and fellows

Preprint: Training the Next Generation of Physician-Scientists: A Cohort-Based Program for MD-only Residents & Fellows, TA Solvik; AM Schnoes; TA Nguyen; S Behrman; E Maksoud; SS Goodwin; EJ Weiss; A Padmanabhan; DN Cornfield 2022-12-20 | Preprint DOI: 10.1101/2022.12.19.22283532

Bridging gaps in traditional research training with iBiology Courses

Schnoes AM, Green NH, Nguyen TA, Vale RD, Goodwin SS, Behrman SL (2024) Bridging gaps in traditional research training with iBiology Courses. PLoS Biol 22(1): e3002458.