Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Science Communication Lab (SCL) stands for equity and justice and against racism, intolerance, and exclusion. We understand that a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is one where all employees, contractors, and volunteers — whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, religion, education, or disability — feel valued and respected. We are committed to equitable and nondiscriminatory approaches and providing equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all of our programs and initiatives. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and strive to ensure that different voices are valued and heard.

We recognize that equity, diversity, and inclusion not only ensure the well-being of our staff and the communities we serve, but are critical to our mission of engaging people of all backgrounds in the journey and wonder of scientific exploration. We are committed to telling the stories of scientists from diverse and historically excluded backgrounds and explaining why diversity, equity, and inclusion in science are important in research and education. Both in how we run our organization and produce our content, we strive to create an inclusive and equitable environment.

We acknowledge that we have a lot to learn and that we will make mistakes, but we are committed to do better, constantly reflect on our practices, and find ways to improve. As a science communication organization, it is critical for the SCL to be explicit in the expression of our collective drive toward these ideals.

SCL commits to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in our workplace by:

  • Advocating for and supporting organization-wide thinking about how systemic inequities impact our work, and how best to address that in a way that is consistent with our mission.
  • Recruiting and retaining members to SCL’s board of directors, advisory boards and committees with diverse professional expertise, cultural backgrounds, life experiences, and geographic reach and who have a track record of advancing equity and inclusion.
  • Implementing hiring practices that include actively reaching out to — and recruiting from — communities and individuals that represent our diverse stakeholders/audiences.
  • Actively promoting and incorporating a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds — especially those of historically marginalized communities — into the content we create, and also into the production and dissemination of that content. 
  • Regularly conducting internal reviews, reflections and adjustments on our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, both in our organization and in our content production. 

Last updated: November 2022