About Us

We are a non-profit organization of scientists and filmmakers collaborating on documentaries in order to build a more scientifically-engaged society.

Our Mission

We engage the public and educational audiences around what science is and why it matters by using high-quality documentary filmmaking to explore the nature of science, the stories of scientists, and the broader implications for society.

What We Do

We use storytelling to humanize science and promote empathy, trust, and credibility with the scientific community.

We test and evaluate how documentary film can inspire curiosity, expand perspectives, and make the nature of scientific inquiry accessible and exciting to students and the general public.

We innovate film distribution to reach communities underserved by science outreach and change science perceptions.

We celebrate the diversity of the scientific community, and root our work in multidisciplinary collaborations between filmmakers, scientists, community partners, and science communication researchers.

Our work is guided by the immense power of film to reach people where they are and make science accessible to all.

Why Science Films? Why Now?

We are at a perilous inflection point. Science is integral to our modern world. It is essential in confronting global challenges like human health and the climate crisis. But the scientific enterprise and those who work in it are facing a surge of cynicism and even antagonism from the public.

We can, and must, find ways to better communicate the very nature of science and share the stories of the people who do it.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Goodwin, PhD

Executive Director

Elliot Kirschner

Executive Producer

Shannon Behrman, PhD

Senior Director, Education

Meredith DeSalazar

Senior Producer

Mónica Feliú-Mójer, PhD

Director, Inclusive Science Communication and Engagement

Jennifer Frazier, PhD

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

Evan Reeves

Senior Director, Operations

Regina Sobel

Senior Producer

Cidney Hue

Director, Audience Development and Marketing

Alexandra Schnoes, PhD

Director, Career and Professional Development

Rosa Veguilla, PhD

Director, Curriculum Development and Online Courses

Ben Riggs

Civic Science Fellow

Ian Cheney

Collaborator, Director & Filmmaker

Emily Howell

Collaborator, Researcher

Nicky Krause

Collaborator, Researcher

Brandon Yadegari Moreno

Collaborator, Filmmaker

"I feel like a bystander would have felt in Steve Jobs’s garage with his pioneering Apple team, witnessing an industry transformation. SCL's films communicate beautifully the people and process of science, and build a greater appreciation and trust in science and scientists like no other content I've witnessed."

Douglas Koshland

Board Chair

Board of Directors

Douglas Koshland

Board Chair - Professor, UC Berkeley

Bruce Alberts

Professor, UCSF

Bonnie Bassler

Professor, Princeton University

Elizabeth Christopherson

President & CEO, Rita Allen Foundation

tyrone B hayes

Professor, UC Berkeley

Tina Nguyen

VP, HBO Documentary Programming

Claire Pomeroy

President, Lasker Foundation

Ron Vale

Vice President, HHMI

Our Funders

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