Planning Your Scientific Journey

How to Develop and Plan a Research Project

Planning Your Scientific Journey

How to Develop and Plan a Research Project

About the Course

Being successful as a scientist requires more than acquiring knowledge and developing experimental skills. It also requires asking a good scientific question, establishing a clear plan of action, and seeking advice along the way. These three topics are the focus of this FREE online course.

By the end of the course, you will have: (1) criteria to evaluate a research question, (2) a plan for how to approach your scientific question and other research goals, and (3) an agenda for a meeting with your mentor to get feedback on your plan.

This course is aimed primarily at life science graduate and undergraduate students, but also useful for postdocs, staff scientists, and others who could benefit from learning or reviewing these topics.

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We've interviewed leaders in the scientific community about doing good science, and we present those interviews to you in this course. Speakers include:

  • Uri Alon
  • Angela DePace
  • Tejal Desai
  • Keith Yamamoto
  • Ryan Hernandez
  • Asia Matthew-Onabanjo
  • Cynthia Fuhrmann
  • Ben Vincent
  • Clarissa Scholes
  • Randy Schekman
  • Sabine Petry
  • Indira Raman
  • Kassandra Ori-McKenney

Course Directors:

  • Shannon Behrman
  • Alexandra Schnoes

Course Staff:

  • Noah Green
  • Nina Griffin
  • Beth Cohon
  • Chris George
  • Eric Kornblum
  • Daniel McQuillen

Course Advisory Team:

  • Sarah Goodwin
  • Elliot Kirschner
  • Ron Vale


Mónica Feliú-Mójer, Rosa Veguilla, Karen Dell, Pam Ronald, Gary McDowell, Ashley Matthew


This work is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under award number R25GM116704.