Jennifer Frazier, PhD

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

Jennifer creates experiences that engage the public with science through film, exhibitions, and live programming. Before joining the Science Communication Lab she was a curator at the Exploratorium for 18 years, where she co-led the museum’s program in biological sciences. Jennifer has focused on advancing how emerging scientific tools and data can be adapted for the public, including the NSF-funded Living Liquid, the Center for Cellular Construction, and the VISUALISE Conference. Before joining the Exploratorium, she worked at the National Academy of Sciences and PBS. She has been an NSF Fellow, a AAAS Mass Media Fellow, UCSF Alumni of the Year, and winner of the NSF/AAAS Scientific Visualization Challenge. Jennifer has a B.S. in Bioethics from the University of California at Davis and a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of California at San Francisco where she is currently an Adjunct Professor.