Build Your Research Community

Build a Mentoring Network to Succeed in Graduate School and Beyond

Build Your Research Community

Build a Mentoring Network to Succeed in Graduate School and Beyond

About the Course

In this free course, scientists from different backgrounds give concrete steps to building a mentoring network so you can be a more confident researcher and feel supported by your graduate school research community. You'll develop a detailed plan to complete your degree and meet your career goals. You’ll also learn evidence-based techniques and strategies for finding and building productive relationships with your primary research advisor(s), thesis committee, and other mentors during graduate school.

By the time you're finished, you'll have completed a plan to build a research home to help you succeed in graduate school and beyond.

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Course Development

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Course Speakers

Leaders in the scientific community talk about building the perfect research home and mentor community to be successful in graduate school and beyond. Speakers include:

  1. Bruce Birren
  2. Janet Branchaw
  3. Bria Castellano
  4. José Dinenny
  5. Erin Dolan
  6. Johnna Frierson
  7. Joanne Kamens
  8. Steve Lee
  9. Judith Simcox
  10. Ying Sun
Course Directors
  • Shannon Behrman
  • Janet Branchaw
  • Amanda Butz
  • Elie Maksoud
  • Alexandra Schnoes
  • Rosa Veguilla

Amanda Butz

Training Community Lead

Thi Nguyen

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  • Ryan Valdez
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Review
  • Lorenzo Lones
  • Thi Nguyen
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  • Sarah Goodwin (Executive Director)
  • Elliot Kirschner (Executive Producer)
Beta Testing

Special thanks to those who volunteered their time to review and test this course. You all gave such great feedback!

  • Sarah Goodwin
  • Noah Green
  • Anthony Harris
  • Doug Koshland
  • Lorenzo Lones
  • Maia Reyes
  • Elçin Ünal

We’d like to thank the following iBiology Team members for their support in the creation of this course:

  • Doug Koshland (President)
  • Evan Reeves (Director of Operations)
  • Ron Vale (Founder and Board Member)
  • Lobsang Wangdu (Wordpress Developer)

This work is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under award number R25GM139147.