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We enrich science education through the power of high-quality documentary filmmaking.

Our films and videos feature scientists telling their own stories, revealing the nature of science, and illuminating the different paths to becoming a scientist.

We develop and produce content for classroom education and professional development in consultation with educators.

We partner with educators to develop additional teaching resources with discussion questions and classroom activities.

"In the wake of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we reimagine instruction and student engagement. Video has become an essential tool in classrooms. And the SCL’s films are unlike anything else I’ve seen. They feature scientists telling their own stories — marrying the excitement of research with gripping cinematic storytelling. We’re studying how the films inspire students and the results blew away our expectations.“

Marina Ellefson

Associate Teaching Professor at UC Davis

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Our films and videos ignite passion for science, broaden definitions of scientists, and reveal how science really works.

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Our free online courses teach key strategies and skills for career planning, biological research, and effective science communication.

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